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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Weather Wonders

We went to bed last night as it was drizzling outside. A nice late fall drizzle that makes you think, hmm, I should make some soup.

At some point, I woke up and told DJ that “it must be really foggy out” since the light from the school was refracting around our room and making it so bright.

I, in my slumber-induced daze, apparently forgot that in nine years of living in Montana I’ve seen fog twice. And that it’s Montana. The reason the light was refracting was because IT WAS SNOWING, heavily you dipshit.

We awoke to a winter wonderland this morning, and as DJ got into the shower I thought, oh, shoot, he should have broken out the snow blower this morning before showering. It belches so much that you smell like gas fumes after using it, so now we’ll have to shovel instead. Good thing it was only about four inches!

Oh wait… no, no it was more like 16 inches. And still snowing. DJ shoveled himself and the main part of the driveway out, and left the front walk and steps and back deck to me. It was the wet, heavy snow that I think would have been easier to clear by rolling it into balls to make snowmen.

That’s the joy of homeownership; parking in the garage and not having to scrape your car… but having to scrape a driveway, front walk, steps and back deck instead. Tradeoffs?

It hasn’t stopped snowing all day. Here’s the view out of our office:

This much snow in Montana isn’t unusual… but dude, it was 50 degrees out yesterday!

And I couldn’t help but think about the fact that our wedding weekend is pretty dependant on nice weather. I mean, nice weather in July on Lake Coeur d’Alene is the norm, but still, if it rains, not only will the ceremony site not work, but activities for our guests will be pretty limited. No swimming, biking, reading, boating etc. And since some people will camp… oh man, disaster. I’d say it’s only a 10% chance that it would be actually crappy weather for an extended period of time (go ahead and bookmark this post now in case that 10% comes true), but I wanted to think about indoors activities to offer our guests in case of rain…
- Cards?
-  Movies?
- Uhmmm

… why is this a mother’s rainy-day list of fun gone bad. What else could we offer our guests in case of rain? Ponchos and a whiskey?

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