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Saturday, November 14, 2009


Hey friends, those of you married or planning your own Blessed Event...how the heck do you have time to plan this shindig?

We both work 40-50 hours a week. I spend a bour a day at the gym. There's this never ending list of things we should do at the house (like snowblow). By the evening we're both way too exhausted to really do more than mouthbreathe and do laundry.

I'm wondering when in there I'm supposed to work out details like the supper menu or even big issues like asking the mayor of Harrison to marry us. Those are two of the bigger issues. I mean, it’s not like those are issues we can write off as details that no one will notice are missing...

I read about a couple who had "Wedding Wednesdays", which hey, good for them for scheduling it in. But I don't think that will work for us. Our schedules are too prone to change. Classes, work meetings, Bunco groups all clutter our schedule, making it hard to have dinner together regularly, much less try to co-coordinate a major event.

I really feel like I need to take a week off from work to make all of those business-hour only calls. I work in local government, where the microscope focused on what you're doing with your time can be very pointed. I can't afford to get caught doing wedding stuff between 8am and 5pm. I have made a few calls at lunch, but make a point to have my lunch spread out on my desk to make the point that I'M DOING THIS AT LUNCH!

I do have a great group of people willing to take on tasks for me. My Mom, DJ's Mom, my sister, friends have all offered to step forward and take on something. But I feel like I can't hand out to dos to people until I get the broad picture scoped out, you know? I need to do a visioning project first, then let my generous peeps take it from there.

And I've learned through running a volunteer board that people want to give their time to something that they feel some sense of ownership over. Asking someone to do something for you, and then nitpicking it to death is a quick way to lose volunteers.

I've been doing it do DJ a lot lately with wedding-related things. Not good.

Frankly, I've never been a good delegator. I guess that's something I will have to learn right now, right?

In work or in your personal life, how do YOU delegate things gracefully, while still ensuring that they "fit" within your overall vision?

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