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Saturday, June 23, 2012

June 22 Friday Farming

Again on a Saturday. It was incredibly windy yesterday and any photos I shot would have been too blurry. It's calmer this morning, but It's going to be a warm one.

The front view:

I think I've mentioned my dissatisfaction with this little triangle between our driveway and the neighbors. I popped a few gladiolus bulbs in there this spring. We'll see how they do.

Along the drive strip.

Raspberries! I really hope these come in at a time when we're home, instead of at the lake.

Front corner.

Snapdragons on the corner.

Peppers in pots.

More peppers in pots.

Last fall I attempted to transplant a bunch of this aster to the right side of the driveway. For whatever reason, it definitely didn't take. And in the mean time the aster is all wonky. It looks like a 13 year old boy's facial hair. Some here, some there, not really enough anywhere. Oh well. I'll lop the top half off on Sunday to encourage more blooms this fall.

All kinds of stuff.

The daylilly is having a hard time competing with the irises.

I have some peas on my plants!

Daylilly buds.

Pepper on the left, eggplant on the right.

I always think the bulb things that irises form are weird.

The daisies are close to blooming.

 I also need to trim back the bloomed-over salvia.

Check out my romaine lettuce! We had salad for dinner last week.

I love sneaking edibles into a landscape; check out my garlic here.

 The hanging baskets are starting to drape over.

You can barely see the power boxes. Well, except for the one to the right. Here's the deal with this bed... it's actually supposed to have another 3' or so, to the edge of the sidewalk. But the grass from the lot next door creeps over. So DJ sprayed it out last week and I'll work on getting new plants in there this fall.

Again, daisies about to bloom.

The front corner of this bed as it "presents" to the street leaves a little to be desired right now. The sweet peas take a while to get going, and then by the end of the summer they flop over.

Check it out, I didn't kill the Russian Sage in between the power boxes. In fact, I wonder if by cropping it back I encouraged it to spread laterally this year?


Along the garage wall.




This has been one of my favorite views this spring/ early summer. I usually don't like pink, which is why it's pretty absent in our landscaping. But this pink lupine and light purple irises at the same time make me happy.

I love how some of the lupine is a darker pink and some lighter.

Veggie garden is getting going a bit more. I was less ambitious this year. After last year's total onion crop failure, they didn't make the cut. It's all tomatoes, zucchini, pumpkin, cucumbers and a watermelon.


And, of course, some rogue cilantro that came back from last year. Weird.

The tomatoes that I started from seed have blossoms on them.


Meet Wally, the watermelon.

Tomato blossoms.

Giant sunflower.

The kitchen porch. Notice that we stained the deck last weekend. It looks great!

I forgot to water the broccoli.

This is some phlox, stuck behind the irises. It's totally stunted and I need to move it somewhere else.

The irises have died off.

Fern gully.

So I mentioned the wind at the end of this week. For some reason any direction of wind whips against this side of the house, destroying the plants.

This poor delphinium was about to bloom.

I found an old laundry hamper cage in the garage about 24 hours into the windstorm, and tried to stake the delphinium. We'll see how she recovers.

Bee balm, irises, mint and chives.

How are things in your garden!