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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Engagement Evolution

I wore my engagement dress on Saturday to a function at AOII. It’s a white sundress that I had on when DJ told me we had to meet the contractor on site to discuss grading the lot asked me to marry him. I wrote this post about how we got engaged back in August.

Monday morning in the shower (best thinking place) I thought about all the ways our relationship has evolved since we got engaged. In many ways it hasn’t changed, which is awesome. I didn’t want, and I still don’t want, to change a darn thing about our relationship or DJ.

We still usually fall back to potty humor.

DJ still dances around and sings.

I still have way too many opinions.

We both still love my engagement ring. (LOVE the streamlined Art-Deco feel of it!)

What's not to like!?

Through building a house together we’ve figured out what subjects we communicate well on, and which we don’t. Surprisingly, a house we can build; a wedding seems to take many more intense conversations…

I would say we’re becoming less shy with each other. Neither of us is one to prance around naked, but I’m finding myself more and more comfortable to talk about the root of what’s bothering me than I was before. And that feels like a kind of nakedness.

Not a very flattering photo of me, but DJ is definately saying "pooooooooop" in this photo.

I’m also finding myself tempering my words, and choosing carefully how I say something and how my body language speaks for me. Thinking before speaking!? ME? No shit… maturity does happen, huh?

I’ve said before that if I could fast forward to next fall when we’re married, I would. And it leads me to wonder how else I will evolve in the next year. Pulling off such an increasingly large event requires a lot coordination, skill, tact and patience. Yeah… those last two? Not exactly adjectives often associate with Courtney.

I wonder how other people have changed through the process of becoming engaged and then getting married?

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