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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Envisioning before Planning

I was browsing through our wedding timeline last night and practically had another panic attack. Why is it that I don’t worry about if our wedding can be pulled off until I’m trying to fall asleep at 11:30pm? I literally lay there and think about all of the things that need to get done and work myself into such a tizzy!

The best way to combat the tizzy-ness is to actually do something related to the wedding. The last few weeks have been pretty packed, which has hampered time for wedding planning. We hosted a Housewarming party after the ‘Cat-Griz football game, and had guests all weekend. By the time the guests departed I just had time to go to the gym and make a batch of cookies!

This week we’re staying at home for Thanksgiving. I’m going to miss my family, and the Kramer Sausagefest on Friday. I mean, what’s not to miss about this:

The family in front of the Kramer Barn, the day after Thanksgiving 2007.

In addition to baking a 23lb turkey (LEFTOVERS!!! I’m so excited about the leftovers!), we’ve agreed to work on some serious wedding stuff over the four day reprieve. Our goal is to have the Save the Date pamphlet finished, or at least down to the final round of edits. Alli’s map-making ability rocks my face off! Especially the part where she had to make up an icon for the bar locations; apparently government run map making systems do not include an icon telling their readers where they can have a beverage.

Dusty’s mom has mailed me the first round of the dress alterations. I haven’t written much about my dress here because DJ doesn’t want to see it until the day of. I’m wearing my grandma Joyce’s wedding dress from 1953 for our July wedding. Those of you who know me would be amazed at the dress; it’s very… fluffy. Girly. Frilly. Totally not something I’d pick off of the rack, but I love the symbolism.

I’ll tell the majority of the story later, but DJ’s mom is doing the alterations for me. Let’s just say that a 1953 size 12 is NOT a 2009 size 12. Not by a long shot. Or half my body. So she’s expanding the bodice for me, and bringing the skirt up (it’s too long for me) to make the waist wider. Of course, we live 12.5 hours apart, so it’ll be a lot of care packages back and forth! But I think we’re on the right track!

One of the things I lie awake at night worrying about is how it’s all going to come together. So I took some time this morning (at home, not from the office) to build a vision board. Hopefully this will help me, DJ, my mom and his mom and any other assistants stay within the vision of what we’d like our wedding “feel” or “vibe” or “theme” or “whatever” to be:

From the top and left to right: possible hairstyle, Gretchen's dress, ceremony location, StD inspiration, wood boat (to leave the ceremony?), historic photo of Harrison, NPS Guide & StD inspiration, blue tinted hydrangeas, my shoes and the bottom of my dress, sparklers saying LOVE! (we'll be able to get fireworks on a serious discount!), strawberry shortcake dessert, my ring, bubble veil, Model A (to arrive to the ceremony in?), directional signs for the guests, grey suit, hydrangeas and dinnerware, another grey suit.

Doing a visioning board actually helped me a lot. I’d clicked and saved so many idea images, but putting them all together on the same page made me realize that while I loved the idea of putting holes in tin cans to make homemade luminarias was a fun idea, it really didn’t flow with the vintage-y ‘40’s theme we seem to be adapting to. A little too rustic. Same with the tea-lights in mason jars idea.

So, now with the general gist of things in place, it’s off to hem, haw and procrastinate more plan!

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