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Monday, November 9, 2009

Cross Postings

Just a quick FYI- I submitted both a challenge question to Bodies in Motivation,which Linda was nice enough to post. The first is a Pilates Review, the second is a Challenge Question, which I will also post here:

When I started my first professional job, I decided that I’d eat lunch at my desk during the day instead of going home for lunch (we live in a town small enough where I could go home). Our office gets quiet during the noon hour, and it’s often the best time for me to get stuff done. And we usually have leftovers I can take, which makes it healthier and cheaper than going out. But now 2.5 years later, I think my mind has associated “sitting at desk” with “must put something in my mouth”. I get the munchies when I sit down. I crave something to eat while working on a 12 page staff report. I’m almost always between snacks; yogurt, apple, crackers and cheese, chocolate covered cinnamon bears. Since I’m finally coming around to the idea that I can’t justify eating like crap by saying “but I worked out today”, I’d really like to break this habit. But clearly I can’t abandon my desk. So far, I’ve bought lollipops to stick in my pie-hole every time I get a craving, but I’d like to wean myself off of these too. Anyone have a suggestion?

I recieved some good adivice through the Bodies in Motivation postings. Can anyone make any further suggestions?
And if you haven't yet, go check out the website- it's a really helpful and encouraging place!

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