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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Done moving!

Well, everything is moved. Note that I did not say it is moved in… Our stuff is in piles in the garage and in the corners of the rooms. And I swear our stuff multiplied in the garage at the apartment. We can’t have packed that much stuff into the condo, could we have?

Anyway, with the help of some good friends and my parents, everything was transitioned over. I still don’t know where most stuff is, but we’ve found the basics and enough to get by. Having so much help was invaluable, even if I did have to talk myself down from freaking out a few times. So many people. Moving our stuff. So much chaos. I wasn’t in control of what was going where. So disorganized. In through the nose, out through the mouth…

It worked out so well that my parents were able to be here. They helped us move on Saturday, and then dad spent Sunday installing drawer pulls, knobs, and bathroom towel, shower and TP racks. It would have been another month before DJ or I had the mental energy to put that stuff up. I’m so grateful. And I’d mentioned that I wanted the washer and dryer switched, and dad and mom just did it for us. I don’t think that DJ and I realized how much we needed their help until they were here! My mom even cleaned out entire apartment for us- by herself. Such a trooper!

By Saturday night we’d moved all of the big furniture and gotten trouble shot the cable to be able to watch college football. A couple of groups of friends stopped by just as I was about to leave to get pizza for dinner, and we had our first trick-or-treater in Aiden. Freaking adorable! It was great to have friends stop by and check out the new place.

Hopefully by this time next week we’ll have found a home for everything and be in some semblance of organization. I’ve got the Preservation Awards on Thursday night, DJ’s got a conference in Helena on Thursday and Friday, and we’re both just looking forward to spending some time at home!

We’ve agreed to begin working on wedding stuff next Sunday. My mom was trying to talk to me about it this weekend, and I’m so damn overwhelmed I can’t even think about it right now!

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