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Monday, November 30, 2009

Procrastination does not lead to good things...

I have to admit something about myself: I'm a procrastinator. Big time. And I need to get my shit in gear or my procrastination will totally undermine this whole wedding thing.

How can I have 20+ blog posts labeled something along the lines of "wedding" and yet be behind in wedding planning, you ask? Weeell... Sometimes blogging about what I'm thinking for the flowers substitutes actually taking any action on the flowers... Or the officiant. Or getting something actually nailed down with the restaurant where the reception is planned to be.

Yeah. Those are kind of big things.

The shitty thing is that procrastination is mind-numbingly terrifying for me. It’s so self defeating… I procrastinate because I don’t know what to do first, but then when I’m in crunch-time mode I throw things together. Sometimes well. Most of the time poorly. And often with a lot less sleep. And I don’t want to be the week before our wedding to be crunch time for things that could have been done in advance. By the time we leave for the lake around the Fourth of July, I want to have everything I can have completed taken care of. I want that time to spend with friends and family who have spent their time and money to be with us.

So, in the name of getting the gears moving, let’s look at what we’ve gotten done to date:

  1. Booked a photographer (but not out down any deposits because we're broke and Anne is kind).
  2. Decided on a date, ceremony, location and reception location (hopefully. If they don't flake out on us. They won't flake out on us. Right? I didn't think so)
  3. Figured out what I'm wearing and how it needs to be altered. I have shoes too.
  4. Figured out who our bridal party is and what the maid of honor is wearing. Still no clue what the best man is wearing.
  5. Fotten the pamphlets 80 % of the way there. I say 80 because we have it mostly designed, I *think* I know where we are getting the envelopes from, and who is going to address them (Gretchen). We need to get the guest list finalized and the stamps ordered, If we do fancy stamps (bets we go the easy route and send American flag stamps?)
The tricky thing about the save the dates is that I'd kind of like the whole stationery suite to correspond. That there is some sort of correlation between the pamphlet, invitations and thank you cards (or post cards).

Which means I need to kind of design the invitations... or at least mock them up…

I asked DJ today what the best way to convey the to do list is to him. He wasn't sure... And I'm not even certain I know what the to do list is!

I think the plan is to write out everything (outline bullet-style?), and the break it down by what has to get done each month. Then print off the monthly list and hang it somewhere obvious.

Obviously, I understand that getting organized enough to get some traction going is important. It'll help me delegate, help DJ help me, and give me a way to track what we've still got to take care of.

We've played around with Google shared documents, but my spreadsheets are too sophisticated for their basic format. We can't seem to find a good way to share documents without having multiple versions of the spreadsheet of wedding folder.

Do you see all of those versions of the wedding planning spreadsheet. How the heck do other brides and involved grooms keep their information up to date?

And having to somehow merge the data (like mailing addresses) once we've both edited the spreadsheets separately is a major pain in the hiney. Does anyone know of a good way to do this?

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  1. Im going to have a look... getting organized is so important ! Thanks