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Saturday, April 28, 2012

April 27 Friday Farming (on Saturday)

Really not much to talk about today...

Unless we want to talk about spring bulbs surviving Winter Storm Warnings.

And dogs with snow on their noses.

Another 2 days of sunshine and I'd have a lovely bouquet of tulips.


 Aspen trees and leaves.

The farm started out on the porch this week, to enjoy the 70 degree weather. And now they're back inside indefinitely. I need to split the tomatoes from their 4-in-a-pot configuration and give them more space.

Hopefully the weather will be better next week!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Crazy Dog

Harlow has enjoyed the return of nice weather as much as we have :) I suggest scrolling through them quickly!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

April 20 Friday Farming

We are right on the cusp of my favorite time of year. It's like the week before Christmas right now, but with nice weather as the payoff!

I mean really, could our back yard have a nicer view?

The garden area needs to be roto-tilled before we get going.

We'll probably remove the boards and re-terrace the area.

Things are starting to really green up!

Lilacs have buds on them.

The Hollyhock is popping up.

Clematis is sending up two sprouts.

The driveway bed is starting to look lush. 

 Dusty's Fern Gully is slow to take off every year.

But things are popping up.

I didn't kill the hydrangea!

Muscari, Irises, and the lot.

The tulips and alium under the aspens are up and growing.

The crocus is starting to die out.

Back in the driveway bed, the lupine is really taking off. 

 Bee balm, with muscari in front, is also doing well. I need to figure out how to keep it from getting the powdery mildew it had last year.


Helper Dog!


Dead basil (I don't think it's coming back), garlic, chives.

The corner bed, with hyacinth, muscari, and snapdragons under the muscari. And irises, of course.

Across the way, the raspberries are really coming in this year. We need to stake them.

Out front, we have a nice landcape bed and a random assortment of "sticks" (construction debris from the house next door) brought over by Harlow.

A midge daffodil!


Spinach in a pot.

Sugar snap peas in a pot by the front steps. Funny story; I thought I planted the peas in pots on each side of the steps. I'd swear I did. And yet, they're only sprouting in this pot. Digging in the other pot reveals nothing but dirt. Wonder if I forgot to plant the other pot?

More muscari.



It's fun to see this garden bed before the grasses take off and swallow it whole.


Daylilly and more crocus.

There is a lot to get done this weekend:
  1. Weed the grass out of the flower beds
  2. Stake the raspberries
  3. Transfer the tomato starts to bigger pots
  4. Flip the compost pile
  5. Roto-till?
  6. Re-seed the sugar snap peas
  7. Plant the sweet-peas
  8. Continue working on getting rocks up against the black tar wall in Fern Gully
And, of course, it's supposed to be in the 70's this weekend!