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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Flower thoughts

Flowers are one of the things I’ve delegated to my mom. Although I love growing flowers, and gardening (and even considered adding to the madness by growing my own wedding flowers), deciding what flowers to carry during our wedding just isn’t on my “Important to me” list.

One of the “problems” of getting married in a small town like Harrison (population 267 people) is the lack of “vendors”. By this I mean people who make their living as a florist, caterer, hairdresser, etc. The solution was to ask my grandmother, who loves nothing more than to buy out Michaels silk flowers to make arrangements, to put together our (live) flowers together. Sidenote: At one point I counted 27 fake floral arrangements in their 500 square foot lake cabin… that’s a LOT of fake flowers!

We have two options for actually procuring the flowers; buy them at Costco in Coeur d’Alene (a two hour drive, round-trip) the day before or order them into the IGA Grocery in St. Maries (a 40 minute drive, round-trip) the day before or day of. There are, of course, the associated logistics, like where the heck do we store said flowers for 24 hours in July? We don’t have ample fridge space…

The only direction I gave my mom thus far is that I like hydrangeas. She knows that “our colors” (why does that term make me roll my eyes?) thus far are a deep, sapphire/ navy blue and cream- thrilling, I know.

With Gretchen’s Maid of Honor dress in mind, I started looking for flowers inspiration. JCrew now offers  photos of real-life wedding partieswhich used their dresses as part of their online store. While Gretch’s dress isn’t JCrew, I did check through their photos to see what other blue-inspired flowers other people used. Sadly, I couldn’t seem to find much!

I kept digging though, checking through flickr albums and sadly totally not referencing anything as I clicked and saved. Bad Blogger! I’ve sourced what I could!

So here is the inspiration I have so far...
I think I might want to go with wither an all white or white tinged with blue boquet for me.

And maybe something with a combo of blue and white for Gretchen; I don’t want the blue flowers to get lost against the background of her dress.

 Is that way too boring? Do we need an accent color (Not hot pink)?

I also like the idea of lavender, like this all lavender one:

I wonder if some people are allergic? It’d probably be my sister!

I also stumbled across this photo of a table piece. Very Cool. We probably can’t afford it.

So that’s my flowers inspiration, but I think it’ll be truly driven by what we can get into the St. Marie’s IGA or the Coeur d’Alene Costco. And frankly, I don’t really care!

And as for the man-flowers, oh sheesh- I haven't even thought of it!

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