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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ringa Ding Ding

... we bought wedding rings yesterday!

You might remember that on a quick shopping trip with my mother-in-law (okay, not "technically MIL yet, but easier to just say she is) I stopped in at Tiffany's and found a ring I loved. Suffice to say, we weren't going to drop $3,000 + for a a little blue box; I knew we'd likely have to have something similar custom made.

You might also remember that my engagement ring is a custom piece. It's squared on the bottom to be more comfortable on my finger, and I thought I wanted a wedding band that matched that shape. So we went to the guy who did my ring... and found out we can't afford a custom piece like that.

Back to the drawing board.

I dropped by another local jeweler on Main Street (local yokel, I know), and found their line of knock-off celebration rings. After trying on a few, and pricing them out in platinum, we decided to go with this set:

I like the way the swooping desing of the wedding band sets of the minimalist, square edged design of the engagement ring. It was also important to me that the wedding band sit low on my finger, so that it didn't come into conflict with the head of my engagement ring. I won't sauter them together; I wanted to be able to wear just the band at certain times. It's not the yogo sapphires I initially wanted, but it's pretty, it looks good with the engagement ring, and it was in our price range!

The price for DJ's ring? Tungston $39.99 from Amazon!

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