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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Registry must-haves

A couple of wedding gifts have started to trickle in (note to self: write thank you cards TONIGHT). We have such generous friends and family members! Since both of us formerly lived on our own at one point, we've already got a lot of stuff... but we're looking forward to upgrading!

What, then, are the top three things on our registry? The items we'd return all the crystal, barware, plates, kitcheware, etc. for?

Registry Must Have Item 1: KitchenAid Mixer
I'm drooling. At this very moment, I'm drooling over this appliance. Please? We bake, a lot. We make dinner, breakfast and brunch, a lot. It comes with cool attachements like an ice cream maker! It's pretty, and the accent color in our kitchen is red.

Registry Must Have Item #2: Dyson vacuum

It has amazing reviews. We have a dog. We have a golden retriever. We have tumbleweeds of hair under the couch. The Shop-vac is awesome, but unweildy. We have two vaccuums for inside right now: DJ's for vacuuming, mine for the wand attachment. It's $100 off right now.

Registry Must Have Item #3: new bedding

We've been using the duvet cover that I sewed from two sheets for my apartment in Lexington five (5! already?) years ago. We need grown up bedding. I've been waiting to decorate our Master Bedroom until we get new bedding.

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  1. Ryan and I were at a different place in life when we got married, but we returned our china, for towels and a suit case :-)

    You NEED a kitchen aid, we got our dyson for our wedding (6 years ago) and it is still going strong. Well Ryan broke one of the attachments but it was less than $20 to replace.

    Bedding, makes you feel like a grown up. do it.

    Oh yeah, and when you register think "Where would we store this?" we didn't do that, dumb!

    IMO don't splurge on dishes (Jos would disagree) flatware, glasses (our target/pier one stuff is awesome and cheap)

    I would add knives as a must have, you'll never want the spend the $ needed to get the good stuff.