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Monday, May 10, 2010

14 weeks of puppy

Harlow continues to make us laugh every day. She's doing well, save for some re-adjusting after we were gone a week. She loves laying on the floor with DJ. Loves wrestling with him, being staked out in the front yard, and going for walks.


Super dog with the bionic eyes.

She does not, however, enjoy going for runs. After about 10 minutes She. Is. Done.

One thing is problematic though; she's a little shy around other dogs. She either gets too excited and pees, or gets scared and pees. Or rolls on her back in a submissive pose. Yesterday the neighbor's frodo-looking 10 pound dog came over to say hello. The little shit lifted his leg and peed on Harlow. Right on her ear. And she didn't react.

So yeah, we need to work on some confidence for the girl. Any suggestions for how to accomplish that?

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