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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Photo list

Our photographer asked, and a few friends strongly reccommended, that we make a list of all the photos we wanted as a means of ensuring that the photographer didn't miss someone the day of the wedding. Here's a preview of what is on the list(I've tried to source my photographs where I can, sorry if I missed some!):

Getting Ready:
Anne will start photos as I start getting ready. Or rather, as Gretchen starts getting me ready. I'm pretty certain we'll do makeup and hair in the dining room of the place at the lake, as it gets the most natural light in the house. Hopefully this portion of the day, from noon until 2 pm, will go smoothly. I'm sure there will be photos like this:

I'm glad that Gerdy will be doing the makeup and hair, since I can be more honest with her than I might be with someone I don't know.
Since my bridal party is just my sister, it'll be all my mom and sister helping me get ready. Although I have asked a couple of people to come over and have a drink with me and hang out during this time to help make me laugh and calm down!
Especially this one, since I'm known to be a hot blooded gal, who sweats when she gets nervous. And I'm sure I'll be nervous. MOM- CRANK up the AC! (Sidenote, I've done the fan up the skirt before, as a bridesmaid. It only makes you realize how hot you really are. Like eyelids sweating hot).

Wedding party photos:
I'm supposed to be ready by 2 pm, when the Model A will be picking DJ up from the hotel and bringing him to my parents house for bridal party photos. I'd like to start this session with a few moments just DJ and I, to give us a chance to check each other's wedding duds out. I love photos like this, of couples spending some time with each other before going into the storm of wedding day events.

Seriously, how cool is this?

Once we do photos of me and DJ, we'll have about an hour to do photos of the entire wedding party... me, DJ, Gretchen and DJ's brother Brian (also the designer of our website). I have a whole list of places to scope out doing fun photos, and I'm planning on reconoitering them over Memorial Day weekend. Suffice to say, they'll have a very relaxed, fun vibe. I'm thinking drinks at One Shots, something by the school, in the Model A, and around the house.

I am, however, having a hard time finding ideas for what to do with small wedding parties to create interesting photos. Any suggestions?

This one in particular cracks me up. I'm wearing a hoop skirt. Gretchen likes to twirl. We're totally going to twirl.

This would be fun too, of the bridal party sitting on the dock watching boats go by.

Family photos:
We'll have to be back at the house by 3:45 pm to do family photos. This is where the list-making comes in. These will be the most "posed" photos; me and my mom, DJ and his mom. Me and my dad, DJ and his dad. Etc. I have a whole list of these shots, so as to not forget anyone.

Then at 4:30 om, DJ and I (along with the photographer!) will leave the house via the Model A to do more just bride and groom photography around town at the places we missed. This session also serves to get us out of the house while guests arrive for the Cocktail Hour.

Cocktail Hour photos:
We'll arrive back at the house at 5:15 pm; hopefully by then the cocktail hour will be in full swing. Anne's one strong mission during this time is to get photos of me with my aunts and uncles, DJ with his aunts and uncles, me with my cousins (all 30 of them, if we can get them rounded up), and one of the entire crew. Hopefully it'll look something like this:

I'm leaving it up to Anne as to which photos to take during the ceremony, but I do want her to get one from up on the hill, looking down on the whole scene. I told her last week that I'd like a photo that gets the wedding going on amidst the bicylers, jet-skiiers and boaters.

Post Ceremony:
Anne's reccomendation to me was to vacate the ceremony site IMMEDIATELY after walking back down the aisle, or we'd get caught chatting away with friends and family. So we're leaving in a boat... my dad's Mastercraft. I wanted to go old school wood boat, but we don't  know anyone who has one, and I'm out of time to find someone. The half an hour or so that we cruise the lake will give us a chance to get great photos in more flattering light, like these:

The remainder:
What does that leave?  Well, there will be the standard photos of the reception, families, etc., but there are a few specific photos I'd like to get that evening or the next morning:

How cool is this? With sparklers and a long exposure!

And yes, you can't get married at the lake without at least one of these photos:

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