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Thursday, May 6, 2010

65 Days

... till El Weddingo. At least that's what our registry on Macys.com tells me when I open it. In bright red letters it tells me we've got 65 days to get this shit together! I feel like the to-do list is unendingly long!

I mean, I guess it is really happening, and in a pretty soon-ish fashion. We mailed the invites on Tuesday, and laready have our first RSVP back. One of the benefits of arriving back home earlier than planned from vacation is having two days to decompress and stuff wedding invites, right?

And it's pretty nice to do with a puppy curled up at your feet.
Harlow, of course, was super helfpul licking the envelopes :)

You gotta start by pinning it between your paws, like this....
And then make sure you get a good amount of spit on it. Yeah, on the tasty part. Sometimes it helps if you work up spit by chewing a little bit.
I mean, sometimes you just have to show that envelope who is boss.
Sigh. With 120+ invites going out, I've got a lot of work to do.

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