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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tile prep and muddy boots

October 1 huh?

Our run of good weather came to an end yesterday, when the warmest the day got was 41 degrees at 8am. Temperatures fell steadily after that. And I had to dig out my scraper in order to wipe snow off of my car after flakes drifted around all day. Then, oh then the worst of all was when I had to put my poor feet INTO SHOES. No more flip flops?

You can imagine the combination of an un-landscaped yard that hasn't seem moisture in a month and wet heavy snow. Soup. Like tailgating at MSU before they put gravel down. Muddy and boggy and generally not cool. So I took my galoshes over with me last night when I went to "help" DJ cut backer board for the house.

Hehehehe... yeah, I'd love to be a home improvement guru... but instead I think I'm more of a painter. I don't have the money for the trial and error that it'd take me to be a guru.

Nonetheless! Photos! Of our house! In the rain/ snow!
This photo is actually from Sunday. While I was at bridal showers, DJ spent his afternoon mocking out tile to get an idea of how it would go. Not bad, huh?
Down the hallway towards the powder room (left) and the stairs (ahead).
This was Wednesday night. Grey skies + early sunset meant DJ had to be done cutting up backer board to put down by about 7:15pm.
Here he is cutting it down. The splotches on the wall are the texturing. Also note the little cups of soup on the wall where the island will be built? Our first meal in our new house... cups of soup from the Roseaurs deli!
Outside, looking at the back of the house towards the east. The siding is mostly up, and they'll paint it the right color yellow once the weather dries out. See earlier posts for the "jonquil" color we're going for.
The pre-stained the shingles for the upper third of the house in a big pile on the backside of he house. Not a bad grey(gray? Spelling?), huh?
The pile of grey shingles.

Siding up the west wall of the house. The middle yellow color is ours. Not that the belly band and windo trim have all been painted white.

Um, yeah. I had to trek across the backyard mudpit to take those last photos. I got a little muddy in my galoshes.

The garage has become quite the staging ground!


  1. I totally forgot about your midget feet and hands. That picture of your feet in your boots just refreshed my memory. :)

  2. Thanks Paige- actually those boots are WAY TOO BIG. We had to work pretty hard to find an engagementn ring that didn't look goofier than shit on my little-smoky-sausage-fingers