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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I'm experimenting with fonts this week, trying to figure out which is most readable against a black background. Opinions, anyone?

They finished painting the exterior of the house last weekend, and I have to admidt, I was super nervous about it. We've (ok, maybe mostly me) had our fingers in so many decisions on this house, so we'll only have ourselves to blame if we don't like it. And when they finished painting the house... well, I can't say I was immediately smitten. In the late evening light the grey accent shingles and the grey roofing shingles and the yellow siding and white trim only reminded me of the University of Idaho's school colors. And all I could think was their fight song, which my dad, an alum of the university and a football player there in the '70's, LOVES to sing: "I-D-A-H-O, Idaho Idaho GO GO GO!"

Did I mention they're coming over to help us move this weekend?

I mentioned my concern to Dusty, who admitted he wasn't head over heels for the color scheme too. We agreed to just let it be for a while; for shit's sake it's not like we have the time or money to have it repainted right now.

And then they landscaped yesterday, and I snapped this photo at about 8am while they were laying sod. Suddenly I LOVE the colors. The creamy yellow, white trim and somehow lighter grey shingles. LOVE.

I mentioned that they landscaped yesterday. As you can see in the photo, they're laying sod very early in the morning. Once they shaped the planting beds with sod, I was right behind them planting bulbs. Quickly. Like 250 bulbs in 2.5 hours quickly. Because it started snowing at noon. Like an all out blizzard. And the landscapers are slapping sod down and I'm digging holes for tulips, daffodils, crocus, and all sorts of other stuff I can't remember now! I'll have shoots coming up in the spring and wonder what the heck I planted... Anyway, there's about 4" of snow down now, so I suppose the next time I see the green grass will be in May!

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