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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ghost Hunters

I got sucked into Ghost Hunters tonight on the Sci-Fi channel. Oh man, I love this show despite my fear of actually ever seeing a ghost. For a girl who loves old buildings, I'm terrified of one day coming around the corner in an old building and, you know, walking through someone, or some shit like that.

For the record, I'm also afraid of mice, spiders and the dark.

And surprisingly, I've never seen a ghost. Been creeped out, yes, but never actually had something happen. Even when I lived in Virginia City for the summer, a town that's like 50 people away from being a true ghost town, in a house that had some crazy shit happen in it over the last 100 years, nothing.

Grandma Jan's 100 year old farm house? Nope. Story Mansion whenever I'm there? Nope.

The closest I've personally come to a ghost is dreaming about them once at my grandma's.

But I've heard stories. My aunt and uncle's house is a 90 year old craftsman, which they spent the first three years of their marriage rennovating. They lived on the main floor while they refinished the three upstairs bedrooms into a master suite. They'd often hear footsteps above them and the doors upstairs close softly. You know, a polite ghost who didn't want to wake the whole house with a door SLAM!

After they rennovated the upstairs my uncle came home at lunch one day and went upstairs. It was in the late fall, and although they usually sleep with the window open, the window in the house was wide open... like farther open that Rick knew it would go.

Then later, Rick came home again at lunch and walked in the back door and down the stairs to the mudroom where he also stores his hunting equipment (in a gun-safe). He walks into the gun room and looks over to the shelf where he has shotgun shells stored, and notes that every single red shotgun shell was stacked in a three dimensional pyramid.

Lets think about that for a moment. How long would it take you to count the shells, and figure out exactly how many you needed to put down for the base layer in order to use every single shell to build in three dimensions? Me... it'd take a while.

To my knowledge they haven't had anything else creepy happen in a while. As for me, I'm both intrigued, and terrified of seeing a ghost. I'd pee my pants.

How about you? Anyone have any good ghost stories to share?

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