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Monday, October 19, 2009

October madness

Oh, hi, I have a blog?

Sorry for being absent for the last 11 days (eek!). I did the Mullan Road presentation to the Montana Historical Society on Saturday. I’m relieved to say it went well, but also embarrassed to admit that it took a lot of last minute scrambling to make the presentation halfway decent. And I’m glad no one asked for a bibliography, because while I know where all of the images came from… I um, didn’t ask the Washington Historical Society if I could borrow them. I will! I will!

But overall the Montana History Conference was good. It was awesome to get to meet some fun people, and commiserate about how difficult this job can be sometimes. And yeah, they’re doing some awesome projects in Billings; it kind of makes Bozeman look backwater..

I sprinted back from Fort Benton on Saturday afternoon in order to get home in time to make it to Mandi and Jason’s wedding reception, which was super fun. We made it there in time to miss the cake, but did drink and dance a bit, before making an appearance downtown at the Cannery. Always fun to see old friends. Yet, still, I’m still super snarky about weddings. It took me about 30 minutes (and two glasses of wine) to quit being standoffish and join in the fun. What’s my deal?

In other news, the contractor blew my mind this morning when he told me we’d probably be able to move into the house at the END OF NEXT WEEK. DUDE. That’s like 10 days. Like, we haven’t even ordered the light fixtures (which are supposed to go in on Wednesday)… like, holy mother of god 10 DAYS. WOHOOO!

Of course, we’ll probably end up moving in on Halloween, which happens to coincide with the Preservation Board’s hosting of a lecture and cemetery tour. Awesome. Nothing like being massively overbooked.

Now that the Mullan Road is behind me (ha! A transportation joke!), I’m starting to work on Wedding stuff. Well… make that starting to make lists about working on wedding stuff. We’ll see how much I get done!


  1. just a thought, but you might want to forget about the wedding until November... just a thought.

  2. Kel I know! But it sneaks up on me late at night. I start thinking about it as I'm falling asleep and then get all worked up about how much there is to do and I can't stop myself!!!