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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Shingles and Pantries (NOT, shingles and PanTIES)

We're in the home stretch of Housebuilding. Did I mention that it'll be done a week from Friday? Because that's in TEN DAYS.

The shingles on the exterior are almost finished going up. I really like the way the "Blue Spruce" has seemed to come out a grey color. Apparently we didn't quite realize that the roof was grey as well... But I think it'll look fine.We're hoping for a run of good weather so they can paint the exterior the Jonquil color of yellow.

Remember when I said we'd had a run of good weather. I think this is Jinx slapping me, with a good run of shit-astic weather. I've gone for one bike ride in October. ONE. Usually I get in three a week!

They're starting to install light fixtures. Once we finish ordering them. We stood in Lowes, Home Depot and the local place last night trying to find what we wanted, but alas, they have to be ordered.

They painted at the end of last week while I was in Great Falls (best damn city on the Missouri River!). We went back and forth on paint colors, and finally ended up with "Whale Bone" (enter boner jokes >>>here<<<).

The paint looks tan-ish in the photos, but it's really more of a grey. I really, REALLY like it!

They also finished trimming out the windows and installed the mantel. We're going to do subway tile in front of the mantel on the floor (note: all the floors have paper on them while they spray paint), but are planning to go to Butte this weekend to see if we can find some sweet beadboard in architectural salvage to use for the backsplash in the kitchen, as well as around the island.

But best of all is that they're installing cabinets this week! The granite guy will be at the house this afternoon to measure, and I think they'll start installing countertops (with undermoutned sinks in the kitchen and bathrooms) on Thursday or Friday.

All of the cabinets were staged in the garage when I got home on Saturday. Like all of the trim, all of the cabinets in the house are white.

The tall cabinet in the photo to the left is what we're calling Dusty's Mormon Pantry. DJ likes to store food to the extent that would make any LDS member proud. Except that he's living with his fiance before marriage. And that wouldn't work for the LDS church.

Anyway, they're installing the kitchen cabinets right now! It's starting to come together. And I LOVE the kitchen layout. Note the Mormon pantry to the left of this photo; I asked them to make it 18" deep instead of 24", just so that it didn't stick out quite as much and chop up the room in a funny way. I think it's working out nicely.

Note also that the kitchen island is totally unfinished. I think it was an oversight of the builers, but we'll use beadboard to trim out around it so that the island looks more like a piece of furniature.

Lastly, the floors are all papered so they don't cratch them too much, but here's what the dark floors look like with the white cabinets. I think I'm going to like this very, very much.

And two weeks from today, I won't have to scrape my car when it snows overnight. Sweeeeeet.

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