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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ten {awesome things} on Tuesday!

I have so much to blog about right now! Every single one of these ten on Tuesdays could be {and will be, eventually} their own blog post…

1. Here’s the latest photo of the house:

Why yes, yes that is snow.
They were finishing up the garage siding today, and starting to put up the shingles tomorrow.
2. They poured the cement for the front steps and walkway, as well as the driving strips today. I added a 2009 penny to the front steps for fun!
I was suprised that I actually had a 2009 penny!
3. The tile turned out well! DJ did such a good job directing the project, and I’d like to think I was a good helper bee. Turns out I’m pretty good at spreading thin-set to set backer-board and tile on!

And mom thought I wasn't doing anything productive while watching Bob Villa all those years.

Little did she know I was learning a crucial skill.

Spread, then scrape.

Spread, then scrape.

The thinset goes down, then the backerboard, which has to be screwed in every 6". Pain. In. The. Ass. Literally, my backside is sore.
DJ became a master tile cutter.
Sometimes you have to clip it out to fit around the toilet.

We laid out every single piece before thin-setting it down.
No, really, all of them.
Then we spread more thin-set, and placed the tiles.

And this my friends, is the final product.
4. They were supposed to landscape tomorrow, but the snow and crappy weather means that’ll be held off until the middle of next week, at the earliest. Here’s what I’m thinking for landscaping right now. Just the basic beds, although I have all sorts of opinions about what plants to put in. Mom even gave me a bunch of iris bulbs from the lake to put in this fall! And I’ll get to plant others too…

I know! I'm out of control on this. Where do I sign up for the garden club at?
5. The hardwood floors are in! Circle sawn lumber, which will be sanded down to the point where you can see the circle sawn, but not feel any of the texture. It’ll be stained a darker color on Thursday.
They left a bit of an area for a hearth unfinished. We'll go with subway tiles here too, hopefully.

Circle sawn!
6. We have a wedding date and location! Harrison, Idaho on July 10, 2010.
7. Cocktail hour on my parents lawn at 5pm
8. Ceremony on my parents waterfront at 6:30pm (ish)
9. Reception at the Landing Restaurant at 7pm (ish)
10. We also have a photographer; my talented friend Anne Sherwood has agreed to shoot our wedding! Wohoo! www.annesherwood.com

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  1. Courtney & "DJ" - home looks amazing!!! Re Harrison, is it near Coeur D alene??? Am very, very happy for you two!!!

    -- DJ's "Aunt" - NM