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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cohesiveness Concerns

Remember earlier when I mentioned that we’d had an incredible run of good weather? HAHAHHAHAHHAHA whoooo haaaa… that was a good one! Especially since we’re currently expecting a low of 1 degree on Friday night. Now that snot-freezing temperature is not unusual in Bozeman, but it is more expected in say, February instead of OCTOBER. Especially early October.

So progress at the house has come in spurts. I already showed you the driving strips they poured on Monday (? Monday, right?), and Tuesday they poured the front steps and then today they poured the front sidewalk. And now all of that cement is bundled up tight under insulated blue tarps.

{Sorry about the Blackberry phone photos- camera batteries were dead.}

They started shingling up the chimney and on the side of the house. Hopefully we'll get some less shit-astic weather next week and they can paint the exterior. I told them to trim out the columns, to which all of the construction-dudes moaned. Sorry dudesters, this is not a "rustic" house.

Interior work this week is installing the interior doors and trimming out the windows. They’ll caulk them, and then early next week paint the interior. Trim will be white, and we’re not certain about an interior paint color yet. Still. Grarhg.

Window trim.
I did have to pull the trigger on the stain for the hardwood floors by myself this week. DJ was in Salt Lake for a poop conference class Tuesday through late tonight, so when the builder said we needed to choose a flooring stain, well, I was on my own! Not totally, I guess. We’d already agreed on darker circle-sawn floors. So it was a matter of how dark is too dark, you know?

I ran over there this afternoon, and found that the floors had been stained! Wohoo! And they look good next to the tile. And then I started having moments of self doubt… oh god, what if DJ doesn’t like the floors? Are they too “rustic” for this “farmhouse”? Oh dear, will the white cabinets and black granite countertops come together with this? We made all of these decisions without really having a full out materials palette and now I’m scared that it’ll look like the 70’s, all dark wood and dark countertops a little disjointed.

Oh! Ok... not bad, right? Not too dark? Some good texture?

This little splotch is in the sun. I liiiikkkeeeee this. Mmmmm. So warm looking!

Well, nothing to do now but wait and see. The cabinets should arrive next Thursday, and hopefully when I get back from Fort Benton they’re in! And then come the under-mounted sinks, countertops, and electrical. And landscaping. And the garage door. Painting should happen earlier in the week. So, really, we might close by say, October 30? Maybe?

{remind me to come back to this post on November 15 when we’re still stuck in apartment}

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