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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Things to look forward to

I’ve been working late the last few nights in order to get ahead on my workload. Monday I stuck it out until 9pm, yesterday until 8:30pm. There were breaks in there for bike rides and pilates classes, but mainly I’ve been working away at my Outlook “tasks” list in a pretty calm, methodical fashion.

One should note that this is rather abnormal for me. Generally I’m much more of a procrastinator, and then scramble-to-get it-done-with-your-back-against-the-wall-of-a-deadline kind of girl. I like to think I pull things off well this route; that I do my best thinking under pressure. I’m not sure if that’s true or just an excuse, buuuttt…

For some reason on Monday I was inspired to get as much done early this week as I could. We’re waiting on the go-ahead from the contractor to start tiling, so I want to have as much off of my plate as possible so I can help DJ as much as possible… or at least stay the hell out of the way and offer encouragement!

But I’ve wrapped up projects, signed permits, written reports and outlined reports for items that aren’t due for over a month. People, that’s some serious working ahead for me. The last time I did that was my last semester of grad school, when I was so desperate to get the hell out of Kentucky and Jen kept dangling promises of daquiri’s and poolside lounging if I got my shit done early. (I’m a sucker for peer pressure).

It feels good to be on top of things. Now I just need to get my office as organized as my workload! It’s kind of a mess in there, with bikes, biking shoes, helmets, DVD players (from the Grapes of Wrath event), piles of folders, and random pieces of paper everywhere.

I think my motivation to get stuff done stems from looking ahead at the next 6-8 weeks on my calendar. Its packed with board meetings, work, volunteering, and oh, yeah, maybe moving into our house IN A MONTH. (see: previous post where this freaks me out a little).

All of these items looming ahead make me want to take care of stuff ahead of time so that I can decide to work late instead of have to work late. Because I’ve got a lot to look forward to, and some of them require time… things like:
- Meeting with a possible photographer tomorrow morning!
- Moving into our house!
- Baking cookies in our new house
- Settling into our new house
- Presenting at the Montana History Conference 2 weeks from Saturday
- Seeing my parents and maybe my sister over Halloween. They might come help us clean the house and move into it.
- Making stuff in a crock-pot tomorrow
- Putting on the Lecture and Cemetery Tour on Halloween. Seriously, how fun can this be!
- Putting on the Preservation Awards on November 5

So yeah, a lot going on, but also a lot to look forward to. I hope this motivation sticks with me!

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