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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Eight Days!

I’m going to totally photo-bomb this blog. It’s 9:34pm, and I’m still at work. I got here at 9am- 11 hour day, my third in a row! Next time someone tells me that public employees don’t work hard I’m going to send them right to this post!

I did take an hour (see, thus why only an 11 hour day, I’m not lying on my timesheet!) to go check out the house this afternoon. The cabinets are all in, and the countertops are in; both the granite and the butcher block! They look fantastic, and I really, really, REALLY love how the layout of the kitchen turned out. LOVE LOVELOVELOVE- OmygoshLOVE. So functional. Hopefully they’ll put the appliances in tomorrow.

The diswhasher will go to the right, and the refrigerator to the far right.

The stove goes agains the far wall. Gas range, with black grates, which will totally blend in with the granite countertops! Note also the unfinished side of the island. It'll be wrapped in beadboard that we'll repaint maybe someday before we get a dog or kids. The backsplash will also be beadboard.

Hellooooo butcher block countertop! We'll seal it with linseed oil, so we'll be able to chop right on it!

On the docket tomorrow is Northwestern Energy (Bozeman’s favorite! ::sarcasm:: ) hooking up the gas and electric (hopefully not at the same time! We don’t need another explosion!), so we’ll be able to turn the lights on! And since they won’t have to dig in the yard, we’ll also be able to landscape next week (weather permitting).

Also on the docket tomorrow is finishing plumbing by installing toilets, hooking up sinks, and putting in faucets. As well as carpet! And then they’ll add one more coat of varnish (my dad hates that word) to the wood floors downstairs.

Master bath cabinets and countertop. It has more of a greenish fleck.

Guest room cabinet and countertop. It has more of a greyish fleck. Also notice the wall color? It's almost exactly what I wanted!

Ceiling fan in the Master Bedroom!
And I think we’ll start doing some cleaning this weekend, like windows etc.

Also this weekend is a trip to Butte's Citizens for Preservation and Restoration (Butte CPR! Get it?) warehouse. They salvage building materials from houses being torn down in Butte, and we want to see if we can find some cool old beadboard to buy and refinish (or not, who’s afraid of lead paint?) and use to wrap the island in, as well as do the backsplash in.
Next week they'll finish installing the lighting, put the beadboard up, maybe paint and landscape, and um, hose off the street? And sidewalk?

Thursday morning: the shingles are finished.

Thursday afternoon: the columns are wrapped. They'll get a detail around the bottom too.
And I think we’re not going to actually close until November 3. But we’re going to move in next weekend; as long as I can convince DJ of it!

One last thing. The contractor got a new puppy, a black lab. They named her Teena (Tina?). You know, after Napoleon Dynamite’s girlfriend. Who knew puppies were so hard to photograph!

Teena! Teena go make yourself a quesaDILLA.

Teena! Sit still so I can get a photo!

Teena, what's that below you? Did you break the coffee mug already?

So who thinks I should get a golden retriever puppy for Christmas?

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