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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kitchen and Bath layouts

After yesterday’s barrage of words and photos, I thought I’d keep today’s post short. Mostly photos. And captions.

PS: tomorrow they’re wiring. Windows on Thursday. Sheet rock on Friday. Flooring at the end of next week. HOLY SHIT. Really, we’re really not going to move into this until the end of November? Because I’m kind of thinking it might be the end of October. {Someone direct me back to this post to eat my words in mid-November when I’m loosing my mind over how slow the finish work is going.}

Kitchen layout.

The wall the stove will be on (west).
Sink wall (north); the window will overlook the backyard and have a view of the Bridgers.

Island in the center of the kitchen, lookin gout towards the dining room and living room.

Master bath (top) and shared bath (bottom) layouts.

Master bath vanities. I wanted do add the center section to add more storage, like in the photo below.

Shared bath.

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