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Monday, September 28, 2009

10 weeks (no, I'm not knocked up)

Can someone tell me where my weekend went please? I mean, I had ambitions people! Clean out the dead potted plants for one. Pick up my peppers and tomatoes from Shawna, who has been babysitting them since before we left for Oregon. Oh, hey, and how about blogging about the rest of our trip? Yeah… nada.

But I went to two bridal showers. I’m a terrible person, and an even worse bride-to-be, but I don’t really enjoy showers. I absolutely adore the two different women the showers were for this weekend, but showers just aren’t my thing. I enjoy the food, the alcohol, and the idea of them {a group of people getting together to celebrate someone’s impending marriage}, but I don’t like the games or the “oooh” and “ahhh” ing over gifts that are being unwrapped. Just not my style. But I found it’s better if you consume champagne, wine or margaritas. Preferably margaritas.

While I was Showering this weekend DJ spent some time getting ready to tile. Like a boy excited about his first real grown up homework assignment. I think we start tomorrow night, so keep your browser tuned in!

We met with the builder on site today, and he asked what we wanted for the fireplace mantle and surround… so I spent some time googling. I know what I want now, but can’t find the right subway tiles on Lowe’s or Home Depot. I guess maybe I’ll go to the hometown place tonight on the way home, but I’m unenthusiastic. Maybe I’ll swing through ACE hardware too… does anyone else adore ACE as much as I do? Um, their kitchen section? Yeah, you know what I mean. They have the Kitchenaid mixers in like 40 colors!!! Seriously, from white to black to celery to chartreuse! Love. Maybe they have a variety of tiles?

Anyway, this is what I’d it to look like. DJ, do you have any opinions?

I actually want to kick up the color around the fireplace. The walls (oh shit we need to pick an interior paint color) will be grey-sand-brown-ish, the trim and fireplace surround will be white. So why not some color?
Yes please!

In addition to talking about tileing, texturing the walls, and finishing the deck, the builder informed us today that the house would likely be done the first or second week of November.

Blink blink

:::pin drops:::


Folks, that might mean that they built and landscaped our house in 10 weeks between August 25 and November 1-ish. Let us just think of all of the things that happen slower than that…

Walking to Washington DC
Health Care Reform
DJ getting a passport, despite my nagging since last year at this time
My sister figuring out she’s dating a douchebag
Nancy Grace admitting she was wrong
My dad returning a phone call
DJ’s mom’s bathroom getting remodeled

Me loosing 5 lbs.

… I could go on and on. But the point is, dudes, a month and a week from now we could be living in our house. That is 5 weeks people. It astonishes me, and terrifies me a little bit. And makes me excited, and makes me wonder what the catch is. I mean, really, you’re serious? I get to move into this house when it’s done? Really? Okaaayyyy… but no, really? Really?

I now have officially no motivation to ever clean the bathrooms in our apartment. I mean, we’ll be doing the move-out clean shortly, right?


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