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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jonquil it is!

I painted test splotches on Tuesday afternoon, and we decided to go with the Jonquil color. It works with the gray shingles and white trim the best, and it's bright without being too BRIGHT YELLOW. I like it, and am glad to have that behind us. Now to choose an interior color....
Jonquil is the color in the middle, and the grey shingles I love! But I now also have a can of Big Bus Yellow hanging out... anyone need some yellow paint?

The windows arrived on Wednesday and some were installed. I have to say, we've had an incredible run of good weather. Its been one of those falls (so far) in Bozeman that you soak up because, dudes, lets not kid ourselves. Pretty soon we'll be leaving for work in snowboots, sweats under a skirt, coat, scarf, hat and gloves. But HEY! Guess who won't have to scrape her car for the majority of this winter? Yay for a two car garage!

The master bedroom window on the left, the window above the kitchen sink on the right.

The windows are all hung, which means the bottom sash slides up. I love these kind of old-timey windows. The small square windows scattered throughout the bathrooms, hallways and downstairs west will open up like an awning. These windows let light and ventilation in. Being a Kramer girl, I am rarely cold and more often than not hot, so good air flow is important. DJ and I were commenting last night that our apartment has piss-poor ventilation. There are windows that face south and west, but none that allow a breeze to be created in the house. Despite night time temperatures in the 40's we've slept with the bedroom window open all week.
Square windows for light and ventilation.

Every time I walk through the house I think of something else we'll need. This house will have awesome ventilation, but without door stops we'll run the risk of doors slamming shut. I'm concerned about this because when I was a kid living in Cheney, the family was hanging out around the house on a Saturday, and the wind came up quickly while all of the windows in the house were open. The door at the bottom of the stairs (daylight basement) SLAMMED shut with a terrific clap-- all the way through the casing and hyperextended itself. Enter four letter words from my dad...

Installed windows in the west front bedroom. This room will be hot in the summer since it faces south and west. Hmmm... we'll have to plant trees for shade!

So, door stops. Also, I'll need to paint the back door and the kitchen doors, since they'll be that boring stock gray with white trim. I would also like a storm door for the front door, since it's wood and faces south. A storm door with high UV resistain glass would slow the deterioration of the wood of the door. And I think they look cool.

Blinds in the master bedroom, specifically on the small square windows, will be important. I'm actually thinking of the old school roller shades. You know the kind, that you pull down and then they roll up with a snap? Window treatments in general will be sparse for a while. We'll put wood blinds in the bedroom, and I'm actually thinking of shutters in the downstairs front windows in the living room. I want to be able to have the top open for light, but the bottom closed for privacy... The guest room and bathroom will probably get curtains that I sew this winter, just on tension rods. I might do heavy curtains for the double doors in the kitchen and the large windows in the Dining Room and Master Bedroom; they'll be big holes of cold air in the winter. Any others past that will probably go on a gift registry for a blessed event!

Speaking of a blessed event, I think we're getting close to a full out decision on a date and location. More on that later!

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