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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tones of Yellow

I met my friend Erin at our house last night, before going and having a fun Monday night dinner with her. Erin is a friend I’ve made through Montana Gift Corral (they hire such great people), who has also agreed to be the Day of Coordinator for our wedding. I have three priorities for our wedding:

1. Excellent Photography
2. Open Bar
3. I’m not in charge (nor is my mom)

Thus Erin comes into the picture.

We met at the house so I could show it to her and do my daily check of progress. They’d framed up the deck and painted a color sample of the single stain and the siding paint. LOVE the shingle stained grey. It looks good.

They yellow however… just screamed “HI! I’m YELLOW!” which is to say it was way too bright. I’m looking for more of a creamy golden yellow, that says something like “oh, if you glance over here you’ll notice I’m an unobtrusive yellow.”

So, we started with Golden Trumpet (too bright),

BRIGHT! Like looks like a taillight bright. Looks like those yellow flowers on the bushes we don't like bright. Like maybe glows in the dark bright.

And this evening we’ll paint on testers of Jonquil and Big Bus.

Shocker, the Jonquil color comes from Columbia Paint's "Historic Paints" folder.

Yes, I might have our house painted like a big bus.

I probably never told you that I backed into a bus in the Bozeman High School Parking lot?

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