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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Being the decider

My dad used to make fun of me for being indecisive. “You’ve got to make a decision and go with it! Charge ahead!” he’d say. He’d ask me how I felt about something (like a political issue) and my answer would usually be “um, I don’t know enough information to make a decision”. I’d hem, and I’d haw, and then I’d do something, and then quickly reverse myself and start over.

If only dad could see me now (well he can, he’s alive, he just doesn’t actually see me doing this stuff). I’ve been the most decisive person you’ve ever met!
Standard overlay on the cabinets or full overlay? Full overlay (if we can afford it).
Standard Overlay. See the sides of the cabinets?
Full overlay. Very clean looking.

Colonial White cabinets or vanilla white cabinets? Colonial White.

Vanilla White (for the cabinets).

Colonial White; our choice.
Lighting fixtures? Here is what I/ we want:

Pendants over the bar area in the kitchen.

Exterior gooseneck on the back deck and above the garage. Under the porches will have can lighting.

Dining room chandelier. The shades can be changed out! Fun.

Fixture above the double sinks in the master bath.

Pendant light over the sink (inspiration). The finish should be a brushed nickel.
White white paint or sugar dust (for the trim paint)? Sugar dust.
Exterior wood trim color; "sugar dust".

Natural semi-transparent stain or walnut (it looks grey) (shingles on the upper ¾ of the house)? Walnut (grey).
Exterior shingle color on the upper 1/3 of the house, and the chimney.

Harvest gold or yellow trumpet (lap siding paint)? Yellow trumpet.
Lap siding color; "Yellow Trumpet" (boopah-pah-pbooo trumpet).
This granite (honed black) or that granite over there (polished black)? Um, can I see a material sample? But probably the honed black. With the extra-heavy duty sealant.
It goes on and on and on, the decisions.
And, oh, yeah, somewhere in here i'm supposed to work 40 [+] hours and plan a wedding. Right. Who needs sleep?

I’m [one of] the decider[s] (DJ gets to decide too)!

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