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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Homesickness, Framing, Flooring

We moved into our interim apartment this weekend. More like apartment purgatory. Actually, it’s not that bad… I was thinking on Saturday night how lucky we are that our interim place is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom ground floor apartment that has never been lived in before. Really, we’re both lucky.

But, the apartment (pictures soon, I promise), is way the hell out 19th. And it is kind of isolated. And there are very few sidewalks to anywhere other than the Lowes/ Home Depot/ N. 19th suburban mess. So any outside activities are pretty limited. Boo. I already miss taking a walk after dinner around Valley West. Or running in the morning before work. But there is not a chance in hell I’m running down the narrow two lane road that is Baxter Lane. Even if DJ did get my ring insured yesterday (thank god!).

We are also lucky to have some very kind friends who helped us move. Joe, aka our realtor, showed up to help move a load or two. Our co-worker Doug came with the little trailer he has, madding it easier to move furniture. Co-worker Allyson also came by to help me with the lighter stuff and getting the kitchen put away and organized. DJ and I shifted so much stuff to the apartment during the week before that the actual moving part went pretty quickly. We started at noon and by 6pm our crew had been fed Papa Murphy’s, plied with beer, and sent home already.

Again, the apartment is a nice place. But… but it’s not ours, you know? Given a wide open range of places to live, we probably wouldn’t have lived there. It feels a bit like an island- isolated. Especially since we haven’t had the cable or internet hooked up yet. We both miss our Valley West Condo. It was a great place, in a neighborhood we love (obviously, we’re building in the same ‘hood), and convenient to everything we like to do. DJ especially had a hard time on Saturday night. He just sold the first home he owned, and I can understand the emotion. Well, I’d like to think I can. Between family moves, college, grad school and internships I haven’t lived anywhere for a continuous year since I was 16!

Suffice to say, it’ll be a quick three months in the apartment. And then it’ll be over. Just get through it.

After pouring the foundation this week they put the decking down for the first floor yesterday, and are framing up the first floor today! By the end of this week we might be able to stand on the second floor of our house, and by the time we get back from Oregon the roof trusses will likely by on! Holy shitballs. Moving quick!

Heeeeeyyyy pretty sunset!

Garage foundation

To that end, DJ and I made a lot of choices in the last 20 hours. We picked out flooring for the living room, dining room and kitchen (dark wood floors) and tile for the entryway, powder room, and to the bottom of the stairs. Today we went back and picked out carpet for upstairs and batted around options for the linoleum in the upstairs bath. Depending on where the budget comes in at, we might go with a marmoleum or a tile. Joe, the mover/ realtor RAVES about their marmoleum, so it’s in consideration. Sorry, I forgot to photograph the carpet we chose. It's a pretty standard speckled grey...

The tile in the upper center is the tile we chose. It has taupes, greays and creams in it. I think the water melting off snowy boots will blend into it really well. We chose the wood to the right, with the more finished look. It'll get scraped up a little bit when we get a dog, but the wood on the left was a little too rough for me.

We also picked out appliances. The refrigerator and dishwasher will be a Whirlpool stainless steel. Yes, the refrigerator will have ice and water in the door, which every American but me has had for like 10 years now! I’m always bringing a glass of icewater places with me, and my mom associates the sound of ices clinking in a glass to me. So! Ice maker! Yay!

Oh hello refrigerator!
The dishwasher is a tall tub, with the buttons on the inside lip of the tub. So from the outside it’s a stainless steel front and a handle. Very clean looking.

Yeah! No knobs, buttons or other stuff cluttering up the front of the dishwasher!

The stove is a stainless gas range Frigidaire. I know, mixing appliances. Living on the edge! Buuuuutttt… I really liked the 4 burners plus an elongated middle burner look of this Frigidaire model. And it came with a convection oven, which DJ thought wasn’t going to be something we could get in our price range. But all together everything came in at just under $3,000. Not bad! I love cooking with gas, although DJ’s never done it. I think the convection oven will come in really handy for baking sheets of cookies- thankfully we will move in right before the holidays so I can knock myself out baking Christmas cookies!

Since we're already running an additional gas line from the fireplace to the range, we'll do a third one out the kitchen to the back yard, where we'll plug the BBQ into the gas line. No more running out of propane!

Oh hello range! You'll make sure and remove any of the calories that come with the delicious food I... er, DJ... will make using you, right?

I also made decisions this week about the windows, window placement, front porch (will be concrete) side porch and back deck (wood), and door hinges (brushed nickel). I’m pretty certain the contractor calls me about every single decision… I guess he knows who the boss is on this project!

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