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Friday, July 1, 2011

JULY 1 Friday Farming

Friday farming, real quick-like. 

Starts on the front porch are kicking ass. Note to self: buy a grow lamp for next spring. 

Irises have mostly died out.

This is an allium bulb... why is it white?

Bell peppers.

Daisies are about to bloom.

Salvia is blooming.

I really need to get a trellis up for the sweet peas. And yank out what remains of the tulips.

The hanging baskets are having a hard time getting going. I think because it's so hot and the wind dries out the basket pretty quickly.

Fountain grass!

I'm hoping the daylilly gets going soon. The irises and allium are done blooming, so we need color near the front porch.

On the left, garlic. Rosemary, oregano, chives.

Mint on the back side of the chives!


Delphinium, which I need to tie to the stake to support it.

Raspberry blossoms!

The best spot to read a book.

I'm loving how these plants are coming in.

Gladiolus spearing up through the potted plants.

The clematis has reached the top rung of the trellis!

Another lupine.

The back-yard lilacs are finally blooming!

The farm.


More carrots.

Huge spinach leaves!

Tomato blossoms.

Lettuce, recovering from the last gopher invasion.

While the lettuce will recover, I think the broccoli is too far damaged...

Eggplant on the left, jalepeno peppers on the right.

A cluster of Roma tomatoes.

Zucchini squash.

Marigolds, direct-seeded.

Summer squash.

Winter squash.


Sugar snap peas.

Sugar snap peas in bloom!

The potato patch.

Twist and shout hydrangea, about to bloom around the edges.

And lastly, Fern Gully. Looking good!

Happy Fourth of July!

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