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Saturday, July 16, 2011

July 15 Friday Farming, part 2

Alright, now that Blogger is back to letting me upload photos, we'll go ahead and finish off this Friday farming edition. 

I have a mystery squash. It's planted near where the hollyhock are at, and the seed must have fallen out of my box o'seeds. I'm not sure which variety it is yet, but I'll let it keep growing. 

And now, the farm:

The red onions are throwing up the coolest minaret bulb heads! I think these things look like medusa snakes or something.

Juliet tomatoes!

Carrots, recovering from the last gopher invasion.

As are the lettuce and broccoli. I wonder if the lettuce would have gone to seed by now, if not for the gophers? I highly doubt we'll get either lettuce or broccoli from our spring crop, though I might plant a fall crop.


Larkspur and marigolds planted adjacent to the squash.


Bell pepper blossoms.

We've currently got a bumper crop of peas about to come in. Well, not a bumper crop, given the short stretch we planted. But enough for me to take a handful to work every day as a snack!

More squash blossoms.

The spaghetti squash at the bottom of this photo is just starting to creep out. My hope is that the peas will be done by the time the squash needs the space.

The potatoes are blooming.

And it looks like I might end up with a few giant sunflowers after all!

Overall, I'd say I'm really pleased with this years gardening thus far. I've learned a few more things, like there's no way to keep the gophers out of in-ground planted lettuce. That'll go into containers next year. And that my asparagus is really planted about exactly where my peas were this year. And that I need a grow light. But overall, I'm happy with the results thus far!

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