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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Clothes for Europe, II

I believe that I've finalized my Europe packing list. Seriously, this has been on my mind since we decided to go to Europe in, oh, November. I haven't finished my guildebooks, but I've got my gear. 

We're only taking carry-on rolling bags. I bought a Samsonite "spinner" roll-aboard after Christmas with the last of my wedding gift cards. Thanks friends and family! I'm pretty certain that all of my clothing and shoes will fit into the bag. I'll get into a post about what toiletries (or as DJ calls them "toilet trees") I'll take later. 

My focus on the clothing choice was items which would wear well, not show wrinkles too badly, wash out in a sink okay and coordinate with at least three other items. I've covered the great shoe debate here. 

Also: does anyone else find it impossible to not smile in photographs? I can't do "serious face" (I just look angry). 

Alright, here's what I'm packing, and how I'm planning to put it all together. 

1. Black Underarmour capris, white Nike technical shirt, grey cardigan from Target and Privo sandals. 

Wearing it to: days of long walking, with museums (where it's always cold) on the itinerary.

2. Second: khaki Mountain Hardwear skirt, white Nike technical shirt, grey cardigan from Target and Merrel sandals.

Wearing it to: days with a little less walking (to cut down on the thigh chafe- hey it happens!), museums, evenings sightseeing where I want to be a little more attractive.

3. Khaki Mountain Hardwear skirt, white Nike technical shirt, plum Banana Republic cardigan and Merrel sandals. I can't decide if I should pack the plum or the hot pink cardigan. 

Wearing it to: days with a little less walking (to cut down on the thigh chafe- hey it happens!), museums, evenings sightseeing where I want to be a little more attractive. 

4. Khaki Mountain Hardwear capris, white Nike technical shirt, plum Banana Republic cardigan and Dansko "Kate" shoes. 

Wearing it to: high walking days where I'll want layers. Probably sighsteeing in Normandy, where I can walk around on the beaches and climb around without worrying about stubbing my toe. I can layer on a jacket easily without getting too hot. 

5. Khaki Mountain Hardwear capris, black with tan stripes Royal Robbins tank top and Privo sandals.

Wearing it to: days where we'll walk a lot, like in Rome. It's a really comfortable outfit that (hopefully) doesn't show to much boob. 

6. Khaki Mountain Hardwear skirt, black with tan stripes Royal Robbins tank top and Merell sandals.

Wearing it to: Dinner in the evenings, light walking around. 

7. Khaki Mountain Hardwear skirt, black Royal Robbins button up and Merell sandals. I'm undecided about the shirt.

Wearing it to: It's a nicer dressed-up outfit, but since the sleeves are short I couldn't wear it visit churches. It is really light and cool, but it's black... which would only make it hotter, right?

8. Khaki Mountain Hardwear capris, black Royal Robbins button up and Danskos.

Wearing it to: Normandy beaches? More touring where we'll be doing a lot of walking.

9. Khaki Mountain Hardwear capris, teal North Face double layer camisole, white Columbia button up and Danskos. I'm calling the shirt my "expedition shirt".

Wearing it to: walking around in Rome, Palatine Hill, Colusseum, specifically. It'd work for visiting the Vatican too, but I feel like I should be a bit more dressed up for that?

Finally, the white Columbia shirt and a black Patagonia dress. I love this dress, and have it in citrus orange too. It's been my summertime equivalent of sweats. I'll wear it for touring nicer places, although the cleavage could be an issue. Dinners out, etc.

Under the post of "Gear", I'll post about the headlamp, hat, rain jacket and ancillary other items I'm planning on taking. I'm planning on doing a post-trip review too.

I'm pretty certain I've put more effort into thinking about what I'll wear for this trip than into thinking about what I'd wear to get married. =)


  1. Love all of these combos. It all goes really well together--and looks practical, comfortable.
    (And now I feel like less of a freak, after so many commenters on my blog last week were like "thigh chafing? that doesnt even HAPPEN." (Yes, yes it does.)

  2. I know you don't know me but (I'm Kyle Childers' Fiance, we were at your wedding. Kyle is Dusty's friend from MSU) we just got back from 3 weeks in Europe and here are my two cents. White is a great thought because it's light and nice for sunny weather but holy mother, it gets dirty so fast, especially in Italy, think Pasta sauce and gelato and dirt trains and buses. Second, lots of good socks and walk shoes, WAY WAY WAY lots to see in Italy. Last for the clothes, everyone in Europe was wearing a little wrap/scarf. I loved having mine, adds color and a little warmth when you are sitting on the patio eating a late dinner and a glass of wine...spices things up a little bit. Italy advice, go to Ischica, island off Naples, so beautiful and relasxing. Also, definitely Cinqua Terra the Italian Riveria...AMAZING, I could have spent a week there alone. Feel free to email me if you want any other thoughts/ideas. Have so much fun!!!!