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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Harlow has been in our house for nearly a year and a half now. She's awesome. I could dither on about how she makes us laugh, injects a certain level of silliness into our household, loves to snuggle, etc., but it really just comes back to her being awesome.

She does have one flaw though. Home girl cannot, and I mean absolutely cannot, stop herself from eating shit she shouldn't eat. Sometimes it's literal shit in her mouth. Cat shit seems to be her preference.

Are you grossed out? Yeah, me too.

Harlow got into something out at my grandma's farm the Friday before the 4th of July. It might have been a poisoned sick bird, maybe too much cat shit, maybe not enough water and too much fun. Either way, she proceeded to puke every 2-3 hours Saturday and Sunday. It took her until nearly Tuesday to really recover. At one point she was so reticent to eat we were giving her waffles from the table in an effort to get something, anything into her.

The alarm is going off a half hour early all this week due to workload and being out of town. And wouldn't you know it, riiight as we're about to turn out the light Harlow barfs up dinner. On the carpet. Right next to our bed. DOOOOGGGGG.

Lets just say that DJ and I need to perfect our emergency-vomit-not-in-the-toilet clean up routine. And that once your dog yaaks, you're pretty much not falling back asleep that night. Unless your DJ, in which case you're out like a light 20 minutes later. Unlike your wife, who flops around in bed from 10:30pm until 1:45 am before finally deciding "eff it, I'll get up and do something."

Dog vomit leads to insomnia, I guess.

What can I say, at least she's still cute.

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