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Friday, July 15, 2011

July 15 Friday Farming

I'm having some kind of "server rejected" technical difficulties over here, so while I figure out wtf is going on with the photos of the actual farm, we'll just do flowers for now. 

Did I mention they're building a new house two lots over from us? Yes, nail guns at 6:45 am are a lovely way to wake up. 

Flower box bed:

I finally built a trellis for the sweet peas; they're beginning to have blossoms!

The "Autumn Joy" sedum is growing a bloom head too.

The Russian sage is taking off.

The daylilly is finally throwing out bloom heads.

The bee balm, between the daylilly and fountain grass, is clearly overcrowded. I'll move it later this fall, after it blooms.

 All of my daisies are close to blooming. I wonder when the glads will?

The hanging baskets are definately struggling. I think it's a combination of crummy soil, no mulch and not enough plants.

Cherry bomb peppers!

These plants need to be transplanted this weekend. Marigold on the left, larkspur in the middle, zinnia on the right. There is basil in there too.

The purple basil is doing well.

I can't wait to make bruschetta with this stuff!

Lavender, rosemary, oregano.


This daisy is unfurling.


Millenium delphinium.

Bee balm.


The driveway area.

Twist and shout hydrangea. I'm trying to figure out where I can squeeze a mophead hydrangea into our landscaping.

A lilly!

We've rigged a trellis extension out of baling wire and fishing line. I'll remember the baling wire for building a trellis up the side of the porch for the sweet peas next year...

Clematis is so... weird, in how it vines around it's trellis.

Hopefully more later tonight. I've got sweet peas coming in by the handful, and the tomato plants are exploding! 

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