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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Retail trying too hard

The alarm on my phone wakes me up every morning, usually just after DJ has gotten in the shower. I shut it off, and scroll through email and statewide newspapers while lying in bed. Check facebook, check my google reader, check the weather, etc.

But you know what makes me NUTS? Retail emails inviting me to come shop. I get an email from Pottery Barn every. single. morning. "Come back and see our great products" it begs. Same from Target: "Great sale!" And from ACE Hardwear "Make your to-do list a to-done list!" And from Endless.com "OMG these shoes are great, come shop!" And from Amazon "We really think you'll like this travel book." And Macy's "Storewide sale ends today!"

Every. Single. Morning. I usually don't even read them. I delete them without opening. I silently roll my eyes. And the next time I consider browsing online, I recognize that I'll be getting an email in the morning saying "You were here! come back!".

All of these emails annoy the living crap out of me. A perfect example of retail trying too hard. Like a girl calling the boy she likes every day to say "hiiiiwhatch'ado'in?" All it does is annoy the boy and make him uncomfortable.

So who gets it right? REI, for one. I get about two emails a month from them, usually advertising sales or something. Kate Spade doesn't flood my email, only sending something about once a month. Ummm... well. That might be it.

Seriously retail. It's not me, it's you. Let me come to you when I need something, and leave me the hell alone (unless you have a real sale) otherwise!

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  1. Hahaha! Funny post!
    I totally agree with you, I am experiencing the same problem with Groupon's and some other's annoying newsletters!
    Sometimes it becomes hard to unsubscribe!! The solution? Mark all that emails as spam!