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Monday, July 11, 2011

Gardening grows community

I love gardening and growing food. Not just for the food production either, as my total haul from farming this year is limited to handfuls of sugar snap peas and a single salad. 

I love it because folks walking by comment on the garden. They admire plants and express shock at how many things we have growing. It's a fun way to interact with people you usually wouldn't talk to. 

Plants are an easy conversation starter, especially when standing outside on your porch with a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning. Our new neighbors popped over this morning, to discuss watering for each other when one was out of town. Then they showed me how to prune tomatoes, an educational session much more fun than youtube. Li May (sp?) and Chad just built a house two lots down, and said they decided on that lot last fall after walking down the street and seeing that I was growing tomatoes in the front yard. 

It makes me smile when my gardening welcomes people to the neighborhood, without saying a word. 

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