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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pupster Check in

Harlow is now nine weeks old, and has been with us for three full weeks. She's adjusting to our life; or adjusting us to hers!

She's grown exponentially; I think she's 14 lbs now, and she was 8.5 when we got her. She's a champion napper, chewer, and sniffer. And we're working away from biteing as a means of exploring her world.
She loves licking the puppy in the reflection in the fridge. The same with the puppy reflected in the glass door.

Thus far we've stuck pretty close to home. We need to get her out a little more, and expose her to the rest of the world. Walks to the park have been about the extent of her world so far. Last week she did meet Lester, the white golden retriever who lives down the street.
Oh my. Lester is HUGE!

We've been very good about keeping her in her crate when we can't observe her. I took a chance on Friday and used her leash to teather her to her crate, and this is what I came down to:

Bye bye JCrew magazine! (But this was my fault. I left it within her reach, unsupervised).

I swear that she grows every day while I'm at work. Look at those paws! The floppy ears! (The towel wrapped around the dishwasher bar so she doesn't run off with it).

She's learned to go to the front door and bark when in need of a bathroom break. We've been poop free inside since day two, although she sometimes forgets to bark when she has to pee.

That said, she's also learned that sometimes you just have to pee in the snow. (This is an actual, un-edited, photo from early Saturday morning when we had a nasty spring blizzard in Bozeman)

She's also learned that naps in front of the fire are very nice. Although she can't figure out why she can lick the fireplace during the day (when it's off), yet at night it burns her. So she growls, and barks, and then tries again. Blonde moment.

But overall, she's pretty darn awesome. Furry, funny, squirly, and fun to play with. I think we'll keep her around ;-)


  1. Ooo Courtney......Harlow is beautiful!!! She sure poses nice for the camera!!!

  2. Those photos just made my day. :)