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Thursday, April 15, 2010


I seriously, really, no really really feel like I need to take the rest of the week off from work to get my life in order. After traveling all last weekend for a FANTASTIC wedding shower (photos soon!), a trip which was 1,100 miles and 18 hours of driving, I'm beat. I need to do laundry. I need to call zappos and see why they haven't processed my return order. I need to check the design of my wedding band and see exactly how much broker we're going to be.

Thankfully, DJ checked the IRS website last night, and you're able to find out when the eff your refund will hit the bank account. Because I was going to try to call today. On tax day. I'm certain that would be plesant. But I was worried; we're getting the first time homebuyer tax credit back and our bank accounts are not totally barren... just kinda lonely. Anyway, refund, tomorrow! WOo- to the hoo!

I also need to follow up on wedding stuff. Version 5 of the newsletter is 5 days over due. I need to call the restaurant. Because I have to hound them to get me information about simple things, like maybe pricing out dinner menu items? Yeah... we're getting married in 80-something days, we should pull that together. See also: budgeting?

Spending time in Harrison on Monday and Tuesday definately reinforced how much I love that place. And that it's a small town, where business is still best conducted face to face. I'm an email girl. Phone if absolutely necessary. I find that in my line of work, it's best of have written proof of what you said, so that it can't be construed in another way. In Harrison though, it's all face to face. The mayor thought she was marrying us; I'd left her numerous messages last fall, and she never called me back to confirm so we asked a friend of DJ's. I saw her on Monday and she asked about the ceremony... um lady, call me back in October!

DJ's mom is having a hard time getting some of the details ironed out for the Friday welcome Pig Roast (welcoming the guests, not a pig). I went into City Hall to get things ironed out and they totally had her on the calendar and were planning on it... they just hadn't told her that. Communication...

Anyway, one of the fun things I did in Harrison on Monday was introduce myself to the guy who owns the Wild Boar Inn, one of the bed and breakfasts in Harrison where DJ's dad and a few of our friends are staying. IT's a GREAT place! The guy has slowly rehabbed this 1917 house, and I'm totally hiring him to do ours someday. He's also providing the transportation the day of our wedding. Check this bad boy out (So pretty!)

Sadly, my boss needs me at work, so all of the things on my to-do list like transplanting the strawberry plants, planting the garlic my aunt gave me, writing thank-you notes for shower gifts, finishing the retaining wall in the garden, puttering in the yard, working on wedding-related crafts, and generally getting shit done will have to wait until the weekend!

Also: the winter snow we got here on Monday, what the hell was that?

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