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Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Heitstumans

It took a 500 mile roadtrip to make it happen, but I've finally scanned the photos from both of my grandparents wedding albums (plus some others I found interesting)!

I'll  share them over time, but I'll start with this one, of my mom's parents in the "getaway car" after their 1951 wedding. Bob and Joyce have been married now for 59 years, and it's her dress I'll be wearing in July.

Don't worry DJ, none of the dress that I'm wearing is visible in this photo!

A couple of details are really striking to me. Grandpa Bob's smile is the same. She's not wearing earrings, and I'm not sure her ears are pierced even now. His tie has a pretty bold pattern. It was raining. They look so damn happy.

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