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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Harrison's campground

A drawback to getting married in Harrison is the lack of hotels. Or hotels, plural. There is one. It has 15 rooms. There are also two fantastic Bed and Breakfast places. And vacation rentals. And a campground.

And since none of our guests are staying at the Hilton, this is obviously a very low-key kind of wedding. Shorts and a polo? Perfectly acceptable! Heels and a cocktail dress? If you want to! Sundress and flip flops? Great! We're just hoping my dad keeps his shirt on.

When I was in Harrison last week I stopped into City Hall to check on a number of things. They also let me glance through the reservation book for the campground. There are a handful of RV camping sites left, and a number of tent sites remaining!

Which is good for my extended family... as my mom put it, they're great in the 4th quarter and overtime. They don't plan ahead, but when they show up you will have a GREAT TIME!

A number of friends have reserved RV sites for camping, and I wanted to let you guys in on what the campground looks like. It ajoins the (closed for 2010, I believe) marina, city park, and has a bathroom with showers. Very basic, buy functional.

This is kind of a dark photo, but, lake to the left, RV camping spaces in the middle, marina at about 2 o'clock.

Each RV space has water and electric, and a picnic bench. They are definately cozy, but I think all of our wedding guests will end up in this line of spaces; we've got great friends so I have no doubt it will be fine!

But if you sleep walk, or have a kid who sleepwalks, you might want to wear a life jacket to bed- the lake is RIGHT THERE!

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