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Saturday, April 24, 2010


Harlow. Harlita. Harlowton. She's already got a little nicknames. Those are only the appropriate ones.

Let me tell you a little about our daily schedule. DJ gets in the shower at 6:42 am, the alarm having gone off at promptly 6:41 am. Harlow hears the shower above and lets you know She! IS! AWAKE!

(Yip! Yip! High squeaky YIP!)

I lie in bed for a little bit, and listen to her YIP! Then she moves to the high pitched whine. eeeeeeeehhhhhhhaaaa. It's a little piercing.

Finally I get out of bed, put on my workout clothes, and trundle downstairs to lift the towel and let her out of her kennel.

She absolutely loses her shit at this point. I like to think we have the following conversation:

Harlow (tail wagging, dancing back and forth): "OhmygoshI'msohappytoseeyou! Wherethehellhaveyoubeen? I'vegottopee! Ohmygoshyoucamedownstairs! OhIjustrememberedthatIhavetopee!"

Courtney (opening the latch to her kennel): "Good morning sunshine!"

Harlow (bolting out of the kennel, headed for the front door): "WowI'moutofthereforthemorning! Yip! Igottapee!"

Courtney (opening front door): "Harlow outside! Go pee!"

Harlow (squats, pees): "OkayI'vepeed, nowwhat? Oooohhhaflower! OooohhhgrassIhaven'tchewed! Ohmygosh, COURTNEY! Letmelickyourlegs!" (Lick lick lick lick lick

Courtney (outside, in her gym shorts): "Oh Harlita, you want some breakfast?"

Harlow (stops licking legs, perks ears, stands up like a gopher): "BREAKFAST?!!!! Iforgotallaboutbreakfast! Quick! Inside! Beforeitgetsaway!" (Sprints up the front steps and into the house).

Courtney (getting food bin out of pantry): "Harlow, SIT!"

Harlow (alternating between the gopher pose, jumping, running around the kitchen island in circles): "Breakfast! Breaaaaakkkkffffaaaaasssstttt! (Bark!) Yumyumyumyuymuyumyumy! Kibble! Whereismykibble!"

Courtney (makes dog sit before putting bowl down): "Harlow, SIT. STAAAAAAYYYY"

Harlow (quivering in anticipation of breakfast, trying so hard to not break her SIT pose): "SayOkay, SayOKAY, SaythewordthatletsmeoutofmySIT!!! I'mHUNGRY! Ican'tholditmuchlonger!"

Courtney (releasing dog from command): "Okay! Go ahead!"

Harlow (jumping towards bowl, gulping down breakfast in less than a minute): "Ohmygoshthiskibbleissogood! BestkibbleI'veeverhad! Delicious! Ican'tstoptobreatheoritwillgetaway! SLURP! CHOMP!"

Courtney (pours coffee, turns around and puppy is done eating breakfast): "Holy moly dog! That was quick!"

Harlow (licks her chops): "Ohmygosh! IjustrealizedIhavetopoop!" (goes running for front door).

Courtney (opens front door): "Outside!"

.... this is pretty much how I've spend every Monday through Friday, 7 am through 7:15 am, Since March 15. Pretty darn entertaining way to start the day!

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