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Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Farming: April 23

Last Sunday I took advantage of the warm weather and moved my vegetable starts outside into the sunshine on the front porch. I'm pretty certain our neighbors think I'm going to be the crazy yard lady.

I think I already am the crazy yard lady.

Anyway, they went from in here, looking at the sunshine outside...

... to outside in the sunshine.

It's weird, I touch the squash leaves, and they smell like squash leaves. How distinct is that smell? How wierd is it that I haven't grown squash in like 13 years, but know so strongly what they'll smell like?

I transplanted the basil from the starter pallet to a pot:

The hope is one of these plants will survive the summer, and I'll either keep it in this pot through the winter, or transplant again for inside  basil-farming through the winter. YUM!

The cilantro is thriving in it's little pot again. Have I mentioned that I love cilantro? Sweet and delicious!

The shallots are not producing quite as much as I'd like. They're kind of stallled out at this size:

I also transplanted the plants in this strawberry pot into the ground:

And planted Walla Walla sweet onion starts and red onion starts. Sadly, the actual in-ground garden had it's initial growth hampered by snow... I'm ready to start eating home-grown spinach, chives and basil, damnit!

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  1. Courtney, I hope you don't mind me creepin', but I love your blog! You should write for ours sometime:)