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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Suiting DJ

A few weeks ago I was walking on Main Street and happened to notice the men’s suit shop was going out of business. In the last decade Bozeman’s Main Street evolved from a multi-aspect shopping location to a very boutique-y strip of high end shops. 2003 was all out with the western wear, in with the Vera Bradley shops to cater to the yuppie ski crowd.

Unfortunately, the yuppie ski crowd has less to spend in a recession. And the men’s suit shop seems to be a recession victim. Or rather, a victim of the recession and Bozeman’s laid-back attitude towards menswear. In my governmental office, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear Carharts and a Ducks Unlimited shirt. It’s just not a very formal place, which I love.

I am sad to see the suit shop go. It means one more vacant storefront on Main Street. And it’s where I wanted to buy DJ’s wedding suit. So shortly after seeing the “Going out of Business” and “50% off all inventory” signs, Gretchen and I dragged DJ into the store to see what we could find.

Our wedding, like the town we live in, is going to be pretty informal. Since a number of guests will end up camping, we’re talking roll-out-of-your-tent-put-on-flip-flops kind of informal. Black tuxedos were out for. And we wanted to spend the money on a nice suit he’d have available for years to come. I was pushing for a charcoal grey. And a blue tie to match the whole wedding-color thing.

He ended up finding a lighter grey suit he really liked, after first finding a jacket that fit him correctly. My dear man has long arms (which is why his mom made him play the trombone in elementary school!). The shop owner found a viable jacket, and then the seamstress came out and clucked over DJ.

A suit jacket, with Carharts and tennis shoes. Might as well wear a Cabella's shirt underneath and go to work!
Then he tried on pants.

I love that you can see his backside in the reflection in the mirror!
And then added dress shoes with the pants, to see where the hem should go.

How's that for getting fussed over!
And then Gretchen and I were on a hunt to find him a shirt. I immediately picked a white, with grey stripes shirt. Gretch found another grey shirt, and DJ grabbed two blue shirts. After a back and forth of “What do you like” with the shirts (only to find we both liked different things) the shop owner settled it and voted for the grey stripes.

Then Gretchen and I hunted ties. In the end, it was the seamstress that found a patterned tie to go with the striped shirt.

So GQ, in your stocking feet!
All told, we spent under our budget on a very nice suit. One DJ will have for a long time, and one which I think he looks extremely handsome in!

Looking at my sister to his right. But so handsome!
I’m finding all sorts of recession-deals for wedding related stuff. And house decorating stuff. Are you finding any good deals on, well, anything? What do you think, suits or tuxes?

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