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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


You know I’m wearing my mom’s mom’s wedding dress from 1951. You’ve even kind of seen a photo of it.

And believe me, I can’t wait to tell you the whole story on this dress, its alterations, etc, but I want to have photos from my grandparent’s wedding to tell the story with. And I tried to hunt up my grandparents wedding photos while in Clarkston over Christmas, but they’re buried in a box somewhere in the garage. Or closet.

Such is life when your parents move.

BUT, I spent a little of tonight browsing around for invitation inspirations, so that we could start thinking about how those are going to come together. I’ll post on that later, because in my search of wedding related stuff I stumbled across a bunch of dresses that I wanted to show you!

(DJ: Standard disclaimer. Continue at your own risk. None of these are photos of the actual dress, just dresses that look similar.)

Unm, the look on her face kind of scares me!

Stretch out those hamstrings!

Holy red lips.

The shoulder thing is...dramatic (and so not me!)

"oh woe is me!" she says!

Is that a grimmace she's wearing?

Sweetheart neckline? Check. Ball gown with a lot of tulle on the bottom? Check. Makes me feel like Scarlett O’Hara when I wear the hoop skirt with it? CHECK.

What cracks me up is that I’m not a very girlie girl. So to be wearing a tulle ball gown dress kind of makes me laugh. But it’s very fun. And a wonderful family tie.

And let me tell you, as an aside, nothing perks a girl’s mood up like putting on her wedding dress!

Did anyone else even pull out their mother’s or grandmother’s wedding dresses while thinking about their own? Do you also make fun of wedding dress models? (good clean fun people!)

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