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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Adventures in Registries

Registering for wedding gifts. Ugh. Ahh. Harumph. Shitballs.

We started at Macy’s last Monday. Weeeellll I actually got bored over Thanksgiving and started a Macy’s list online.

Mistake #1: starting a registry online

The online registry became a problem when we registered on Monday, because the usual Bridal Consultant works Tuesday through Saturday. No problem, right? Because the manager could totally help us.

And then the manager had a question, so the newbie clerk could take over. I repeatedly mentioned that I had already started one online, but I wanted to come into the store with DJ and use the scan gun too. And that I wanted to make sure the rewards got onto my Macy’s card.

Newbie clerk (who had an impressive mullet) shortly had us on our way, armed with scan gun and list of things to register for.

Mistake #2: Not waiting till the Bridal Consultant was in to claim the scan gun

Because after two hours of zapping this, that and the other, I went home to edit our registry, and couldn’t log into it. I could look us up, and view the registry we’d just started in store. I could log in, and edit the registry I’d started online. But I couldn’t look up the online registry using our name.

And I really need to edit that registry, because I’m mortified at some of the items on the registry. A $750 duvet (was on sale for $250 in store!). Three different Kitchen Aid mixers. Mostly I just want to play!

Mistake #3: Going in without a plan

I’m working through the Macys issues. They’ve merged the two lists, and only one list comes up when you look us up by name. But I still can’t log in an edit the list.

We registered at Target on Saturday night. Because nothing says PARTY TIME like a couple of schnitzers and a scan gun!

It went better. After the Macys online/ in-store debacle I didn’t even browse at Target. We buzzed through pretty quickly, loading up on the kitchen gadgets, organizational stuff, board games, etc.

And then I got home and realized that for the most part, the Macy’s/ Target registries are full of the Exact. Same. Items.

Well… hmmm. Is that a good thing, or bad thing? Should Macy’s be our “nice” stuff: Crystal, nice bedding, towels, kitchen stuff? Target our “fun stuff”: board games, every day plates, lawn stuff, random organizational stuff?

How has anyone else kept multiple registries in order? Did you make mistakes in the process?

Or do you (like me) still have guilt in creating a list of “wants” that aren’t really “needs” in the middle of a recession?

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