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Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Resolutions

DJ doesn’t buy into New Year’s resolutions. He figures that if a person recognizes a behavior as a problem, why not take steps to correct it immediately, on July 29th? Point taken.

I, however, do think it is a good idea to reflect on the past year, and plan for the next while setting goals for achievement. My goals for 2009 were:

1. Pay off my Capital One credit card
2. Get my blood pressure under control (at 25-26 years old, yes).

And I did those things! I’m excited to report that I paid off my Capital One Card in December; a total of over $5,000. Which also explains why I’m so shabbily dressed as of late.

I also brought my blood pressure mostly under control through changes in medication and better eating. Sadly, I did not lose 30lbs in the process, but I do feel better.

Since today is the beginning of a pretty eventful year for me, I’m setting the following goals:

1. Sew a piece of clothing, and wear it

I know the basics, and my basic way around a sewing machine. And I always have a hard time finding something that fits properly. And I’m trying to be cheaper. And Bozeman’s clothing stores aren’t exactly diverse. So why not try my hand at making something for myself? This will probably happen in the fall after El Weddingo.

2. Count to ten more often (be patient)

People say patience is a virtue. I often retort that so are chastity and obedience, and I blew those long ago! But I do need to try to be more patient with others, and myself. Five more seconds will rarely impede my day.

3. Grow a vegetable garden and try to can salsa

I did make the landscapers put in the drip lines for gardening. I should use them. And DJ makes excellent salsa’s (hold the jalepenos please). So why not?

4. Take on less responsibility

I am, inevitably, always running behind and juggling four bags of stuff to do. I’ve got lists, spreadsheets and calendar reminders. And we don’t even have a dog or a kid. It seems like I rarely have a night off. Is this a woman thing? Do we all overbook ourselves to the point of being crazy? Regardless, I’m going to prioritize, delegate, and let some things go. Or find a more efficient way to do them.

5. Make it to work by 9am every morning

I often have late night meetings for work. Three a month, to be exact. And when I get home at 9:30am, I really don’t feel the pressure to get into work by 8am, especially when I’ve just built up four hours of Comp Time (government employee). And everyone I work with understands this. But I feel like less of a professional walking in the door at 10am. So, unless I’ve already requested to take the morning off, I will try to make it into work by 9am every day.

6. Not lose my mind while wedding planning. Or my friends and family.

See also number four and number two. I’m struggling planning a wedding. Really, I’m not having much, if any, fun. But I’m doing it, and on July 11th we will wake up married.

That’s it so far. Six neatly organized goals for the year. They accompany a laundry list of other things to do like organize the office, get the house settled and decorated, and go to the gym daily. But these are things I will do regardless of making them a goal.

Are you setting New Year’s Goals?

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