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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wedding decor (or lack thereof)

Let me begin this (relatively short) post by saying that I don't really care about wedding decorations. Really, It's not high on my agenda of things to do.

But, we did spring for (white) table linnens to go with the (blue) rental chairs. Simple, easy to coordinate. I plan on bringing along a needle and thread, in case it's windy. We can sew the tablecloths to each other under the tables, kind of like suspenders.

I've asked my good friend Joslyn to be an impromptu florist; and she'll create 15 centerpieces. And that, my friends, will be the extent of our table decorations.

The 250+ flowers we planted over Memorial Day weekend will have to suffice! The only other "decoration" I'm considering is sheer curtains for the shack deck. You've seen this picture again and again, but what do you notice about it?
 The photo is taken at 6:00 pm in the evening. Now pretend it's July 10. And 80 degrees out. And bright, and sunny, and HOT... guests will want to enjoy the view, but probably also not want to be baked by a late evening north and west mid-summer sun. So, I'm on the hunt for cheap sheer material to hang; either rod-pocket curtains or actual sheer material that I'll sew into a rod pocket. I think I have enough tension rods to suspend them between the posts. Or, hell, we'll just staple the "curtains" to the inside of the ceiling, and I'll tie them up with ribbon until they're unfurled like roman shades.

I mean, isn't this cool:

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