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Saturday, June 12, 2010

My family is from a small town...

No... really. A small town. Like it's the biggest it's ever been, at 350 people in 2010. Both of my parents are from Colton, Washington, and graduated in the class of 1972 together. With 19 other people.

Somewhere back in the the family tree I think some cousins are married.

But don't worry, I don't have a third arm coming out of my forehead... yet.

So how does this relate to the photo below? Well, I've been showing you photos of my mom's parent's wedding in 1951. And in the background of this wedding photo is my mom's dad's dad's blacksmith shop. Great grandfather ben was a blacksmith, who fathered 10+ (13? 11?) kids before dying just after the age of 40. Until I saw this photo, I'd never known where Ben's blacksmith shop was.
And why all the discussion about my parents being from a small town? Because this photo is from my other grandparent's wedding. Dan and Jan, my dad's parents, met at a party at my mom's parent's house, and were married in 1953.

Don't worry, I'll be sharing those photos too!

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