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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Coping mechanism, of late...

I'm a stress eater. I get it from my dad, who famously spent 3 months coming home and eating a mixing bowl of frosted flakes as his football team went 0-11. Yeah... not good.

And with El Weddingo, I'm really trying to look good in a swimsuit, since my bachelorette party is hanging out with friends on the boat. You know, never mind the wedding photos we're spending thousands of dollars on; I wanna look good in the bachelorette party snapshots!

Well, combined with the uncertainty of our wedding reception venue, the sudden realization that our officiant, may not, in fact, be able to marry us, and the general panic that sets in 29 days from a wedding, I've been making a lot of s'mores lately.

Because if you're gonna have a gas range, why not put it to it's highest and best use?

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